Are we closed today? Have no fear, you can rent us!

Even on days where we are closed, we aren’t really! We would miss you guys too much. To keep our separation anxiety at bay, we let you rent us for your special occasions. We do anything from weddings to office gatherings to puppy birthday parties, you name it! And we cannot wait to celebrate these occasions with you. 



Froth It Like It's Hot
Give us the details and we can help create an event that you won't forget. We are beyond excited to caffeinate your next celebration!
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Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


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Personalize Your Occasion

We want your celebration to be YOURS. In order to do that, we let you personalize what drinks you would like and any decorations/themes you want (as long as said decorations are not permanent and can be removed from the truck). Please feel free to create a drink fully customized and named to add to your event menu. Time to party like a froth-star! Please excuse the puns, we are too excited. 

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Our prices will vary based on a few factors including the location and size of your event. Fill out the form above and we will send you a free and customized quote



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