Like Frother, Like Daughter.


Where It All Began

I cannot think of a time where I did not look up to my father. Well, until I got taller than him. He is always the ‘idea guy’, turning a mere thought into an incredible reality. So when he came up to me with the idea of a coffee truck, I had no choice but to answer with an enthusiastic yes. Growing up, I’d spend my time making pizzas in his restaurant, Daddio’s. Even though my pizza dough was always well over two inches thick and took a solid 30 minutes to cook through, he always let me continue to create and learn. Now, we are on to our next milestone. Perhaps this time I can even teach him a few things… we’ll see, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

So here’s to the guy who taught me to say “Not in my house” to my basketball competitors at the age of 6. To the guy who never lets me win a game of ping pong. To the guy who uses YouTube tutorials to fix everything. To the guy who’s the best business partner a gal could ask for. I am proud to be the Frother’s Daughter. Cheers to our journey ahead!